Government Offices

  1. Agendas & Minutes

    Find agendas and minutes for Cleveland County's various boards and commissions.

  2. Boards & Commissions

    Access agendas and minutes from the meetings of county boards.

  3. County Assessor

    This site will provide the same information about assessed property in this county that has always been a matter of public record. For your convenience you will be able to search for information by owner name, physical address or through our parcel maps.

  4. County Clerk

    The purpose of this site is to provide information to the public on recording documents and researching documents already recorded as well as historical and fun facts about Cleveland County. The County Clerk serves as record keeper for the County. The Clerk's office receives, records, and preserves all documents relating to real estate i.e. deeds, mortgages, mineral interests, plats, liens, military discharges, judgments as well as State and Federal tax liens. This site also provides printable forms that can be used for recording.

  5. County Board of Commissioners

    Learn about Districts' 1, 2, and 3 County Commissioners.

  6. County Election Board

    The Election Board is responsible for maintaining all voter registration records for Cleveland County.

  7. County Fairgrounds

  8. County Sheriff's Office

    The Cleveland County Sheriff's Office provides professional law enforcement to the citizens of Cleveland County, Oklahoma through efficient and effective methods. This mission encompasses: Civil process, Community patrol, Functions of courthouse security, Investigations & Operation of detention facility.

  9. County Treasurer

    View the available information about the County Treasurer.

  10. District Attorney

    The purpose of the District Attorney website is to provide citizens with important information concerning the District Attorney’s Office, plus convenient access to pertinent forms, and yet another way to communicate with our staff.

  11. District Court Clerk

    Browse information about the Court Clerk.

  12. Elected Officials

    Find out who your elected officials are.

  13. Emergency Management

    Learn more about the Cleveland County Emergency Management department.

  14. Human Resources

    Learn more about the Cleveland County Human Resources department.

  15. Purchasing

    Learn more about the Cleveland County Purchasing department.

  16. OSU Extension Office

    Cleveland County OSU Extension offices

  17. Public Information Officer

    Media contact for County information and press releases