County Assessor

The county assessor is responsible for the following:
  • Lists and maintains records on each piece of taxable real and personal property in Cleveland County
    • Real Property includes land and buildings
    • Personal Property includes business furniture and fixtures, business equipment, business inventory, farm equipment, and manufactured homes
  • Determines fair market value annually for homes, businesses and other taxable property in Cleveland County
    • Fair market value may go up or down depending on the real estate market in the county
  • Notifies property owners of any increase in the fair market value of their property
    • Assists taxpayers in filing homestead exemption and affidavits for property that is exempt under Oklahoma law
  • Resolves questions or protests about valuation
  • Preparation and certification of the assessment and tax rolls
  • Appears before the County Board of Equalization
Visit the County Assessor website for further information including documents, reports, information about the current county assessor, and more.