District 3

District 3 County Commissioner Harold Haralson took office Jan. 2, 2015 and has accomplished some significant milestones during his tenure, including his work with Governor Fallin, the state legislature and the Oklahoma Department of Transportation to rebuild the Lexington bridge. Stretching from Oklahoma County in the north, through south Oklahoma City and Moore to Norman, Noble, and Lexington in the south, County Commission District 3 includes a diverse range of rural and urban neighborhoods. Despite differences, Commissioner Haralson understands we have a shared need for quality infrastructure in our roads and bridges and safe drinking water as well as quality recreation in our parks and trails.

Commissioner Haralson continues to work with Governor Stitt to support economic growth in all of our communities throughout Cleveland County and District 3.

During his tenure he has;

  • Worked with Oklahoma City, Lexington, Slaughterville and Noble through inter-local agreements to assist in infrastructure improvements including assisting with parks, parking lots and trails
  • Resurfaced 30-50 miles of roadway annually, replaced two low water crossings with bridges, replaced two wood-deck bridges with concrete and paved gravel roads resulting in only five miles of gravel road remaining in District 3
  • Instituted a long-term preventative maintenance plan and GIS system for Cleveland County roads and bridges while improving our existing roadways
  • Developed and implemented an accounting system for Cleveland County District 3
    Assisted Lexington and Noble schools with dirt work and demolished a building for Lexington Public Schools
  • Built a road west of the railroad tracks to provide an additional route out of Noble
  • Assisted District 3 communities with removing debris following a historic low temperature freeze and a significant hail storm

“I have an amazing crew working for District 3,” Haralson said. “We could not have accomplished all that we’ve done without their efforts, and I’m extremely proud of them and their hard work.”

While others want to expand big government, Commissioner Haralson knows focusing on the basic responsibilities of local government — and doing those efficiently and effectively — will allow Cleveland County to grow and prosper.

He was appointed as chair of the Justice Authority, providing oversight for the new Cleveland County Jail.

Haralson is planning ahead to make a prosperous community that will benefit our children and grandchildren. He has dedicated himself to the service of others throughout his lifetime: from serving as an Eagle Scout to active duty in the Navy. His tradition of service carries through to today, from his mentoring young people studying to be Physician Assistants, to volunteering his time as team doctor for the Noble High School Varsity football team, and volunteering in and supporting community service organizations.

He has also served our country and community in other ways. For over a decade, Dr. Haralson worked in the Norman Regional Hospital Emergency Room, saving lives and ensuring the health of our community. From 1990-2020, Haralson served as Medical Director for the City of Noble and Noble Fire/EMS Department. His dedication to serve also brought him to two terms on the Norman City Council and then as Mayor of Norman.

Commissioner Haralson lives in south Oklahoma City with wife Sue and his son Mathew. He is proud of his adult children, son Nathaniel and step-daughter Courtney.