Mechanic's & Materialmen's Liens

This is a lien against real property. It covers labor, materials, or leasing equipment for work on property. Oil and gas well and mining liens also fall into this category. The contractor has 120 days after the work is completed to file the lien. A sub-contractor has 90 days. The lien must include the following:

  • Affidavit (verification)
  • Amount claimed
  • Legal description of property
  • Name and address for additional notices if needed
  • Name and address of claimant
  • Name and address of contracting party
  • Name and address of property owner

A notice will be sent to the property owner within 1 business day after the lien is filed and must contain the following:

  • Amount claimed
  • Date of filing
  • Legal description
  • Lien number
  • Name and address of all parties involved
  • Owner of property
  • Statement of certified mail number


A judgment becomes a lien on the real estate of the judgment debtor only after a Statement of Judgment made by the judgment creditor or attorney, on the form prescribed by the Administrative Director of the Courts, is filed in the County Clerk's office of that county.


Executions are filed to continue a judgment. They must make reference to the original judgment filing. There is no charge to file an execution in Cleveland County if the judgment was awarded through a Cleveland County court.

Judgment Releases

The release must be a certified copy from the Court Clerk's office. It must include the original judgment number that it is releasing.