Filing Fees

Fee Description
Recording mechanic's and materialmen's lien including release filing fee and preservation fee for lien.$35.00
Recording medical liens (hospital, physicians, chiropractors)$15.00
Recording judgments$13.00
Recording attorney's liens$15.00
Recording each addition page for liens or judgments$2.00
Recording the release for mechanic's, attorney, physician and hospital liens
(the filing fee was paid at initial filing, this is the preservation fee for release)
Recording executions/renewals of judgments if Cleveland County Court$5.00
Recording executions/renewals of judgments if NOT Cleveland County Court$13.00

There are many types of liens but most are filed alike. Liens are filed to give notice to the public and property owner of a claim. A release of lien must be filed in the County Clerk's office before the lien will be released. It must be signed by the claimant, and reflect the original lien number as well as any amendments.