County Treasurer

Jim Reynolds

Cleveland County Treasurer Jim Reynolds is an elected officer currently serving a 4 year term of office. The Treasurer's Office operates under the authority of the Oklahoma Statutes.

Duties & Responsibilities

Treasurer Reynolds is the official custodian of all funds for the county. He is specifically charged with collecting and apportioning (dispersing) all County tax dollars according to budgets approved by the County Budget Board. He is also responsible for investing all County money under guidelines set by State Statutes and the Cleveland County Commissioners.

The Treasurer operates under specific guidelines in regards to investments, accounting, and bookkeeping methods. These methods and the books are subjected to audit by the State Auditor's office.

Audit Reports

In the summer of 2012, the State Auditor conducted routine audits of the county and the Treasurer's Office. Taxpayers of Cleveland county should be proud to know the results of these audits show that all county money and property is accounted for. In addition, the methods of accountability and bookkeeping are to the highest level. Annual tax revenue of nearly 200 million dollars and accountability to the penny is the standard, and that goal is being met.

You can view the official audit reports of the State Auditor online.

Visit the County Treasurer website for further information including tax payments, documents, reports, information about the current County Treasurer, and more.