District Court Clerk

Fraud Alert!

There have been reports of scammers calling citizens demanding payment for missed jury duty.  Please read the following letter from District Court Clerk, Marilyn Williams.

Letter regarding scams.  Detective will not call and ask for money in regard to jury duty.  Please c

About the Position

The Court Clerk is an elected Constitutional officer with a 4-year term entrusted with the duty of recording and preserving all state records of the District Courts of Cleveland County's judicial district.

Court House

Primary Responsibilities

The Court Clerk has the primary responsibility to record, file, and maintain permanent records of the proceedings of the District Court. The Court Clerk collects fees, and distributes the collected monies as provided by law to the appropriate agencies.

Court Fund

Filing fees and other court costs collected by the Court Clerk are put into the Court Fund to operate the District Courts. The Court Clerk's office is financed by the Court Fund, through the fees collected from court costs, fines and bond forfeitures.


We use forms and follow procedures prescribed by the Court Administrator's Office, The Oklahoma Supreme Court, and the State Auditor and Inspector.

Computerized Cases

Civil, domestic and criminal cases were computerized in 1989, and in 1997 probate and confidential cases were added. All records are now on computer. All records prior to that date were kept in written form in docket books.