Emergency Management

Cleveland County Emergency Management (CCEM) is responsible for management of the county-wide emergency management program. CCEM utilizes an “all hazards” approach and partners with municipalities, state and federal agencies, volunteer and community organizations, non-government organizations, and others to provide protective measures for the residents of Cleveland County. Functions of CCEM include:

• Working with local jurisdictions, emergency responders, and members of the public and private sector to engage in comprehensive disaster planning.

• Identifying resources that can be used to aid in the mitigation, response and recovery of disasters.

• Developing and maintaining the county-wide Emergency Operations Plan (EOP).

• Conducting community outreach in an effort to provide public awareness and preparedness tips for events such as tornadoes, floods, and winter weather.

CCEM works to enhance community resiliency through management and reduction of risks associated with disasters. This is accomplished, in part, by building strong partnerships with local agencies and organizations to address the needs of the community.