Return all completed forms to the Cleveland County Assessor's Office by mail to: 
201 S. Jones Ave. Ste 120
Norman, OK 73069
Or email them to: or email Business Personal Forms (All OTC 900/901/904) to:

Homestead Exemption

Homestead Exemption Application (OTC 921)

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Property Valuation Limitation (Senior Freeze) and Additional Homestead Exemption (Low Income)

Additional Homestead Exemption and/or Senior Valuation Limitation (OTC 994)

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Credit or Refund of Property Tax

Claim for Credit or Refund of Property Tax  (538-H)

Manufactured Housing

Manufactured Housing Rendition (OTC 935-MH)Manufactured Home-Personal Property Exemption (OTC 952)

Informal Protest

Informal Protest (OTC 974)


Religious Entities Exemption (OTC 987)Charitable and Non Profit Entities Exemption (OTC 988)Charitable Residential Rental Accommodation (OTC 988-A)

100% Disabled Veterans Exemption

Application for 100% Disabled Veterans Real Property Tax Exemption (OTC 998)Application for 100% Disabled Veterans Exemption Acquired Homestead Property (OTC 998-B)Application for Surviving Spouse of Veterans Deceased in the line of Duty Tax Exemption (OTC 998-C)Application for Surviving Spouse of Veterans Deceased in the line of Duty Acquired Homestead Property (OTC 998-D)

Business Personal

Business Personal Property Rendition (OTC 901)Business Personal Property Petroleum Related (OTC 901-P)Business Personal Property Freeport Exemption Form (OTC 901-F)Intangible Personal Property Exemption (OTC 901-IP)Asset Listing (OTC 904-A-SCH 3-A)Tax Exempt Manufacturing Application (OTC 900 XM)

Farm Personal

Individual Personal Property (OTC 924)

Storm Shelter Exemption

Storm Shelter Exemption (OTC-905)