Records Request

The Cleveland County District Court Clerk releases records including: divorce, small claims, marriage license, evictions, civil case filings/name changes and criminal cases. Requesting these records in person, at our office, will allow you to retrieve the records more quickly; however, you may also submit requests by mail or email. 

Please download and fill out the Request for Records form here and submit it to the Court Clerk’s Office. 

State law establishes the following fees for court clerk records:

  • Copies per page: $1.00 for the first page, $ .50 cents for each additional page
  • Certification of each document: $ .50 cents
  • Marriage License: $2.00 (certified)
  • If copies are to be Authenticated: $5.00 (per Authentication Certificate)

You may pay by check, money order, or, when paying in person, by credit card. When submitting a request by mail or email, the Court Clerk’s Office will contact you with payment due prior to fulfilling your request. 

In-Person Requests

To submit a request in person please visit the Court Clerk’s Office on the first floor (1E or east —up half a flight of stairs ) of the Cleveland County Courthouse. Entry is through the west door of the courthouse complex, 201 S. Jones Ave., Norman, Oklahoma. Filling out the form in advance will make your visit go more smoothly. Please be sure to have all of the information required on the form required for your request.

Mail Requests

To submit the Records Request Form via mail send to: Cleveland County Court Clerk, 200 S. Peters Ave., Norman, OK 73069                               Note: When submitting payment for copies, include a self-addressed envelope for your receipt.

Email Requests

Submit the Records Request form to: MARILYN.WILLIAMS@OSCN.NET. NOTE: If you are requesting your copy or copies to be certified, they cannot be emailed. Only documents on the court docket sheet that read "Document available at the Court Clerk's Office" can be e-mailed free of charge upon request. If this is a bulk request for documents there is a fee.

Court Case InformationOSCN Docket Search

Please provide as much case information as possible. To obtain required case information or search dockets, visit the Oklahoma State Courts Network. Under “County or Court” please select Cleveland County from the dropdown menu.

Please Note: Our office will contact you to confirm fees due. Requests are completed within 10 business days upon receipt of payment. Only documents on the court docket sheet that read, "Document available at the Court Clerk's Office," can be e-mailed free of charge upon request. If this is a bulk request for documents there is a fee.

For more information call 405-321-6402 or email MARILYN.WILLIAMS@OSCN.NET .