Traffic Tickets

Tickets processed in state court at the Cleveland County Courthouse include those issued by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, Cleveland County Sheriff, Oklahoma Department of Tourism & Recreation (State Parks), Oklahoma Department of Wildlife and Conservation, and University of Oklahoma Police. Municipal tickets are processed in the city or town where they were issued.

Tickets are due on or prior to your court date.

If you plan to appear in court, please call the District Attorney’s Office at 405-321-8268. The date on your ticket is a report date, you will not see the Judge this date unless arranged with the District Attorney.

Payment Options

Please be aware that all associated costs and fines must be settled in full at your court appearance. You are provided with flexible options for resolution:

  1. In-Person Appearance: Attend court to address your traffic ticket.  You can pay by cash, cashier’s check or money order. Checks should be made out to Cleveland County Court Clerk.
  2. Mail-in Plea: Fill out the plea section on the back of your citation and mail it along with your fine to the Court Clerk before the scheduled court date. You must pay with a cashier’s check or money order if paying by mail. Checks should be made out to Cleveland County Court Clerk. Mail to Cleveland County Court Clerk, 200 S. Peters Ave., Norman, OK, 73069
  3. Online Payment: Conveniently plea and pay your fines online using a credit card or debit card at
  4. Pay at Court Clerk’s Office: You can pay at the Court Clerk’s Office, on the first floor (1E or east —up half a flight of stairs ) of the Cleveland County Courthouse. Entry is through the west door of the courthouse complex, 201 S. Jones Ave., Norman, OK. Anyone who needs to set up a payment plan must come into the office in person.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: By state law, pleading guilty or nolo contendre and paying some traffic violations such as illegally passing a stopped school bus, eluding police, lack of insurance, and DUI will result in automatic suspension of your driver’s license by the Department of Public Safety. In the case of a ticket for failure to have insurance, you may wish to show proof of insurance to the District Attorney’s Office prior to your court date.