Uncontested Divorce

In Oklahoma, an "uncontested divorce" refers to a divorce or dissolution of marriage where the involved parties mutually agree on all the terms needed to conclude the divorce. If there are minor children you will need to complete a parenting course.

To initiate an uncontested (waiver) divorce, ensure you have the following documents in triplicate:

  • 3 copies of the Divorce Decree
  • 3 copies of the Entry of Appearance and Waiver
  • 3 copies of the Petitions

Please note that the Court Clerk's office does not provide divorce forms other than the summons. Obtain the necessary divorce forms from an attorney, paralegal services, or the law library.


  • All waivers must be notarized. The court clerk’s office does not have a notary for that.
  • Waivers should be filed at least one day after submitting the petition.

Filing Fees:

  • Certified mail service of process: $10
  • Divorce with minor children: $252.14
  • Divorce without minor children: $252.14
  • Foreign Judgment: $164.14
  • Paternity: $154.14
  • Sheriff service of process: $50, if you need it notarized it will be an additional $5
  • Summons Fee: $10

Ensure compliance with these requirements to facilitate a smooth uncontested divorce process.