You can file civil cases at the court clerk’s office. Those include:

Name Changes

Name changes can be set on the uncontested docket and are to be published. The filing fee is $184.14. The publication fee is to be paid directly to the newspaper.

Driver's License Appeals

Driver's license appeals are set and heard by the Chief Special Judge. The filing fee is $167.14.


Order confirming sheriff sales are set and heard by the Confirmation Judge. There is a filing fee of $232.14 plus service. For information on Sheriff’s Sales see:


  • Case Type: Claims of more than $10,000
  • Filing Fee: $232.14 plus service

Foreclosure Actions

  • Filing Fee: $232.14
  • Summons: $10
  • Special Execution: $601.64 


  • Case Type: Claims of less than $10,000
  • Filing Fee: $219.14 plus service


  • Generally, cases not seeking monetary damages
  • Filing Fee: $154.14