Requests for a Guardianship start with filing a petition which you can download and return to the Cleveland County Court Clerk’s Office, on the first floor (1E or east —up half a flight of stairs) of the Cleveland County Courthouse. Please read instructions on the cover page of the form before submitting your petition. Download forms below:

 Guardianship Adult Forms          Guardianship Juvenile Forms

Guardianship petition forms are for either minor and incapacitated adults. You may download and fill out the appropriate form  and bring to the Cleveland County Court Clerk’s Office at the Cleveland County Courthouse.

Enter the courthouse through the west entrance – 201 S. Jones Ave., Norman, OK 73069

Note: If more than one person wants to petition to be the guardian, both parties must be present.  For example, if two siblings wish to be appointed guardian of an elderly parent, they can both come in, in-person and sign the paper work together. Or if two grandparents want to be guardians of a minor, they can both come to the court clerk’s office in-person to file together.

Petitioners must either bring in the original notarized forms or sign the forms at the court clerk’s office with the court clerk or a deputy court clerk as witness. 

Cleveland County filing fees for guardianship petition:

  • Relative minor — $57 pro se or $67 with an attorney.  
  • Adult or a non-relative minor— $204.14 pro se or $214.14 with an attorney

 Note: Court Clerk Marilyn Williams’ team is ready to answer any additional questions you may have about the process, but they cannot give you legal advice.