County Assessor's Office


201 S. Jones Ave.
Suite 120
Norman, OK 73069

(405) 366-0230

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Warr, Doug County Assessor (405) 366-0230  
Lane, Shannon First Deputy    
Woodfork, Sam Chief Information Officer    
Mead, Angie GIS Administrator    
Garrett, Shelby Taxpayer Specialist / Residential Exemptions    
Jenkins, Daniel Taxpayer Specialist / Residential Exemptions    
Weddle, Mike Land Valuation Specialist    
Frank, Jennifer Administrative Specialist    
Morton, Collen Manufactured Housing and Farm Personal    
Smith, Karen Manufactured Housing and Farm Personal    
Kennedy, Marianne Business Personal Department    
Dye, Diana Business Personal Department    
Morgan, Donna Business Personal Department    
Irwin, Pam Business Personal Department / Medical Marijuana    
Reed, JD Director of Appraisal Operations    
Chronister, Russell Chief Appraiser    
Allen, Jannis Residential Appraisal Coordinator    
Horner, David Valuation Specialist    
Gainey, Tracy Commercial Appraiser    
McGaha, Laquetta Commercial Appraiser / Religious and non-profit Exemptions    
Leonard, Charles Residential Appraiser    
Tinsley, Sarah Residential Appraiser    
Kellogg, Ashton Residential Appraiser    
Larkin, Brandon Residential Appraiser    
Smith, Drake Residential Appraiser    
Cero, Cindy Residential Appraiser    
Woodfork, Jesse Residential Appraiser    
Windle, Lisa Residential Appraiser    

General Information  


Residential Exemptions 

(405) 366-0230

Business Personal Department  

(405) 366-0257

Land Department  


Manufactured Housing and Farm Personal 

(405) 366-0238