How will Cleveland County’s ARPA be spent?

Cleveland County is meeting with a wide range of stakeholders throughout the county to identify areas of need based on the impact of COVID-19 in accordance with federal guidelines. 

Additionally, the county’s public survey, available online, allows for feedback from all Cleveland County residents. We want to hear from you! We have contracted with 929 Strategies to assist us through the process of checking requests for eligibility in accordance with federal guidelines and in distributing funds on an equitable basis. This survey allows us to collect data and organize individual ideas submitted by our residents, business owners, nonprofits and other service providers.

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1. What is ARPA? Where did the ARPA funds come from?
2. What is the timeframe covered and when will the money be spent?
3. How much ARPA funds did Cleveland County receive?
4. What can the ARPA funds be used for?
5. How will Cleveland County’s ARPA be spent?
6. Can the public track the spending of ARPA funds?
7. How can I tell my story of COVID-19's impact on me, and express my opinion on how Cleveland County can best recover?
8. Is rental/utility assistance still available?
9. How does ARPA benefit me?