What are Cleveland County’s goals for ARPA funds and how were they determined?

From the beginning, Cleveland County Commissioners are committed to the creation of a practical and effective Recovery Plan for the Local Coronavirus Fiscal Recovery Funds, where dollars are truly tied to the needs of the community. The county conducted a needs assessment of the impacts the pandemic has had in Cleveland County, including input from many diverse communities and stakeholders across Cleveland County, to determine a prioritized list of projects centered around the overriding three goals of the Recovery Plan.

From the initial community feedback, the county has created the Cleveland County COVID RECOVERY PLAN, outlining three main goals which will serve as the guide for the use of funds.

  • Goal One: To ensure that Cleveland County supports the welfare of its residents with compassion and collaboration across sectors with services provided to those in need and accessible to vulnerable populations.
  • Goal Two: To ensure that Cleveland County has an economy which is strong, resilient and provides diverse opportunities for its residents.
  • Goal Three: To ensure the public infrastructure of Cleveland County is safe, secure, resilient and strategically focused on long-term benefits for all. These goals are the foundation for developing the overarching strategy used to determine funding priorities and projects.

Within the plan are four funding priorities:

  • Public Health
  • Mental Health
  • Economic
  • Infrastructure 

The county will continue meeting with residents, community organizations, and businesses and update this plan accordingly.

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