How did officials collect input from the community / residents on how to use ARPA funding?

From the beginning, Cleveland County Commissioners have remained steadfastly committed to the creation of a practical and effective Recovery Plan for the Local Coronavirus Fiscal Recovery investment, where dollars are truly tied to the needs of the community.

Cleveland County hosted a series of stakeholder engagement meetings to identify needs and to assess the impact of the pandemic on our communities. To that end, Cleveland County:

  • Met with community members on the front lines of public health, behavioral health, nonprofit services and local business challenges related to the pandemic.
  • Used these meetings to educate community members and stakeholders on the State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds eligible uses, while also identifying negative impacts and needs resulting from or exacerbated by the pandemic.
  • Solicited ideas on how to address those needs to promote economic recovery and public health response.

The county also made a community feedback submission form available online.

This form was open to the public and was promoted through the local newspaper, social media, the county website and through emails to stakeholder groups throughout the county, as well as at stakeholder meetings.

The purpose of the form was to identify ways in which individuals and families across the county were affected by the pandemic. This feedback form asked how respondents were affected, if they sought assistance, and what priorities the county might focus on to recover.

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