Is rental / utility assistance still available?

Our contracted administrator, Community Cares Partners has the following update as of September 1, 2022:

The Community Cares Partners application portal for rental assistance is now closed. 

Submitted applications will be reviewed and processed until all program funds have been spent. We expect to meet or exceed the amount of funding we have left. If you have applied, please check your email and spam folders for communication from our teams. If you do not respond to an inquiry for information, your application will be closed and we will not re-open it. 

If you did not get to apply and need help, please call 2-1-1 for available resources in your area.

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1. What is ARPA funding and how much was Cleveland County given?
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4. What are Cleveland County’s goals for ARPA funds and how were they determined?
5. What makes Cleveland County unique from other Oklahoma counties?
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7. Did county officials work with nonprofits to decide what ARPA supports would be most impactful for Cleveland County?
8. How will Cleveland County monitor implementation and impact of ARPA funding?
9. Is rental / utility assistance still available?